All-ceramic ultra-thin
whitening veneers

 Professional dental design program,
    providing 20 years of bright white experience

 The largest professional dental brand in Hong Kong,
    with chain stores providing oral scanning

Only  $3,200/ per piece 

Precision measurement customization
Creating ultra-thin all-ceramic veneers with
breakthrough IPS e.max® technology
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Do I need to grind my teeth before applying veneers?

How long can veneers last?

Do I need to follow any oral restrictions after applying veneers?

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3-Step Treatment Process

Step 1

Professional examination and personalized program recommendations
The process includes

1. Taking photos and the first dental impression

2. Analyzing the curvature of teeth and facial proportions

3. Providing personalized program recommendations

Step 2

Temporary veneer fitting and personalized adjustments
The process includes

1. Thoroughly cleaning and polishing teeth

2. The second precise dental impression

3. Installing temporary veneers and selecting the color

Step 3

Installing the final veneers and making the last adjustments
The process includes

1. The dentist removes temporary veneers
 and installs the final veneers

2. Precise adjustments from all aspects

Limited Time Free Offer

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Free and No Hidden Fee

6 Confidence Guarantees

Meticulously crafted   and high-quality veneers

Ultra-thin and durable

All-ceramic veneers

Multiple options to choose from

Natural color


Customized to fit perfectly

2-3 hours

Painless application


certified for high quality


caring service


Ultra-thin design



Ultra-thin and durable porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are made with breakthrough technology materials imported from European manufacturers. With a thickness of only 0.5mm and a hardness of up to 400MPa, they are as hard as tooth enamel, difficult to break, and can last up to 15-20 years.

IPS e.max® technology is a highly biocompatible material that has been widely used for all-ceramic veneers in Europe. Since 2005, over 120 million teeth have been produced with IPS e.max® technology.

360° Customized Veneers

With advanced full-coverage tracking technology, your teeth will be scanned from all angles to create porcelain veneers that perfectly fit the surface of your teeth. A professional dental team will conduct a comprehensive assessment, modification, and confirmation to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.

Choose Natural Tooth Color for Veneers

With a translucent texture that is close to natural teeth, all-ceramic veneers come in a variety of shades, including natural or bright white, for you to choose from. Let your smile radiate confidence with your chosen color.

ISO Quality Certification

All-ceramic veneers have obtained ISO quality certification, allowing you to enjoy a variety of VIP upgrade services after completing the all-ceramic veneers treatment.

√ Point rewards√ Personalized follow-up service

√ Discount offers√ Digitized orthodontic records

2-3 Hours Painless Veneer Installation

All-ceramic veneers are installed by professional dentists within 2-3 hours, painlessly.

5-Year Caring Service

As the first clinic in Hong Kong to offer 5-year caring service, you can have peace of mind after completing the treatment.

8 Quality Advantages

Ultra-thin all-ceramic veneers
Regular Veneers
Price 3,200元/ Tooth
Only one tooth is available
Up to $5,000/Tooth
Minimum of 8 teeth
Treatment principle Light grinding of tooth surfaces Significant grinding of natural teet
Material 0.5mm European
IPS e.max original material
Material source is unknown
Durability 15-20 years or more 5 years or more
Staining or chipping in a short period of time
Side effects No harm to dental health Easily leads to sensitive teeth
Pre-treatment consultation Teeth scanning and X-ray examination at the store
High-precision 3D oral impression
Comprehensive teeth cleaning before treatment
No pre-treatment consultation or care
Post-treatment maintenance 5-year caring service 1-year caring service
Branch location Tsim Sha Tsui K11 Musea
Causeway Bay Time Square | Central LL Tower
Kwun Tong One Pacific Centre | Southorn V Walk
No branch location available

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Do teeth need to be ground down before attaching veneers?

It depends on the oral space and the condition of the tooth surface. In some cases, if the tooth surface is uneven, micro-grinding, smoothing, polishing, and adjustments may be required to secure the porcelain veneers. However, rest assured that tooth surface polishing to make it smooth is a common practice in dental procedures and is performed by a professional dentist. It is painless and will not affect the health of the teeth.

How long can veneers last?

After attaching all-ceramic whitening veneers, the effect is immediate and long-lasting. Unlike temporary blue light or instant veneers, Beame's all-ceramic whitening veneers can provide whitening effects for up to 20 years with just one application. The biting sensation after the procedure is the same as before, and the veneers are not easily stained. Beame provides a 5-year attentive maintenance service, allowing you to enjoy the confidence brought about by white teeth without worries.

Do you need to avoid certain foods after attaching veneers?

No, you don't need to! Beame recommends maintaining oral hygiene and avoiding eating hard foods for 1-2 weeks after the surgery. You can still eat foods that are typically known to cause tooth yellowing, such as tea, coffee, curry, etc. The veneers are not affected by pigment and can maintain their original color.