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How to improve snoring and sleep apnea risks?

Will it cause discomfort or affect sleep quality?

What is the process? Is it designed by a doctor?

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Be@me Oral Snore Stopper Breathing Machine Laser Treatment
Principle Customized personalized dental appliance that mechanically expands the airway to maintain smooth airflow during sleep. Utilization of a face mask to deliver pressure airflow, maintaining pressure in the throat and preventing upper airway collapse. Laser treatment involves irradiating the soft tissues near the throat, using thermal energy to penetrate and stimulate the contraction of throat cells, thereby reducing the chances of upper airway collapse in a short period of time.
Treatment Design The otolaryngologist customizes a breathing improvement plan based on the individual's oral condition. / Laser treatments performed by beauty salon staff.
Comfort The flexible dental appliance provides precise fitting and high comfort without affecting sleep. May cause dryness in the upper airway, skin irritation, nasal congestion, runny nose, and increased eye pressure. There is a possibility of discomfort and potential inflammation or allergic reactions in throat cells.
Convenience Convenient to carry, can be worn at home, during business trips, or while traveling. Treatment devices are bulky, require power supply, and cannot be easily carried. Requires regular visits to the beauty salon for the treatment sessions.
Effectiveness Permanent Permanent Lasts for 3-6 months. Success rate of 70-80%.
Price $29,999
$20,000 Approximately $1,000 - $2,000 per session. A minimum of 10 sessions is required to reduce the chances of relapse.
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Cost-effectiveness ✓✓✓ ✓✓
Personalized consultation. X X
Stores and Consultation Centers across Hong Kong Offering oral examinations and consultations Online Shopping Beauty Salons
Materials Certified by the US FDA Elastic materials made in Germany Equipment manufactured in China Beauty treatment machine


How to improve snoring and sleep apnea risks?

Snoring occurs when the soft tissues near the throat relax during sleep, causing the airway to collapse and creating vibrations during breathing, resulting in snoring sounds. If the airway collapse is severe and leads to complete blockage, it poses a risk of sleep apnea. Beame Comprehensive Oral Snoring Device, with the follow-up of an otolaryngologist on your oral and respiratory conditions, customizes a personalized dental appliance that mechanically expands the airway, ensuring unobstructed breathing during sleep.

Will wearing it cause discomfort or affect sleep quality?

No, the oral snoring device is made of elastic dental appliance materials from Germany, tailor-made to fit the shape of your mouth and teeth precisely. It provides high comfort and does not affect sleep quality. Unlike breathing machines or laser treatments, the oral snoring device does not cause dryness of the airway, skin irritation, or oral inflammation.

What is the process? Is it designed by a doctor?

All Beame oral snoring devices are designed and customized by professional otolaryngologists. You can first make an appointment for an oral scan examination at any Beame branch, where you will receive an instant free AI simulation of the corrective breathing effect and have a staff member explain your condition, with no hidden charges. After payment confirmation, the otolaryngologist will further customize a personal plan based on the scan results. Once the oral snoring device is ready, you can pick it up at any branch and receive instructions on how to wear it from a dedicated staff member.