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@Linda Yip

Closed my gap between my teeth

Finally closed the gap between my teeth, it did not take that long and I’m just glad I persisted through. Thanks be@me.


@Lucy Chan

Everything was very straightforward

Not a bad experience with everything being so straightforward. Did the scan, paid and got my aligners and now I’m finished with my treatment.


@Audrina Lee

Lovely packets, lovely smile

I love the packets that the aligners come in with they make it a fun process.


@Mark Yeung

Competitive price that I did not expect

Very competitive price compared to other companies did not think that aligners could be so affordable. Did not regret.


@Rick Lau

I don’t cover my mouth anymore

My colleagues all said that my teeth look much better than they did a couple of months ago, I'm glad I started the treatment … I don’t have to cover my mouth when I smile now.


@Charles Hung

Something I’m really glad I did

Love my straighter teeth already! I am not even halfway done yet and I have already noticed a huge change in my smile. The gap in my front teeth is almost gone - and it was a considerable gap.


@Alex To

I’m so happy with the photos on my wedding

I got my aligners straightened and finished just before my wedding (it wasn’t planned to finish on the day) but I’m glad I got them, my pictures look amazing when I smile.


@Bonnie Wong

Quality really is something

I'm using the retainers at the moment and I’m happy with what I got I’ve aligned my teeth before using another aligner brand but the whole customer process was much better here.