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Do you have the following dental problems?

1 Loose teeth due
to gum recession

2 Accidental tooth loss

3 Tooth extraction due
to periodontal disease

5-Step Implant Treatment

Step 1

Professional examination and personalized treatment plan recommendations

1. Oral and dental examination at the Shenzhen medical center

2. Determine the implant method and dental crown color

3. Provide personalized treatment plan recommendations and schedule the treatment appointment

Step 2

Painless implantation of the dental implant

1. Ensure that the oral condition is suitable to start the treatment

2. Conduct oral anesthesia and begin the painless minimally invasive surgery

3. Implant the highly compatible titanium alloy implant into the jawbone

Step 3

Printing and installing temporary dentures

1. Check the condition of the implant and gums

2. Install temporary dentures

3. Depending on the situation, the dental crown can be attached on the same day.

Step 4

Implant the teeth, attach the dental crown, and make final adjustments

1. Confirm that the implant is firmly fixed in the jawbone

2. Attach the dental crown previously selected for color

3. Precisely adjust in all directions.

Step 5

Regular follow-up appointments

1. Check every 3-6 months according to individual needs.

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6 Guarantees

Safe and reliable, painless dental implantation

Choose your own material

Flexible treatment options

Multiple choices

Natural tooth color


Custom fitting


Professional examination


No side effect



Choose your own implant material

Choose different brand materials from different origins based on your budget and needs, including Korean Osstem, Swiss ITI, and Swedish Nobel. Titanium metal is preferred for its high compatibility with human bone, which can heal with the jawbone in a short time and be firmly fixed in the mouth. Alternatively, titanium alloy has excellent hardness, and you can enjoy eating any food without worries after the surgery.

Choose your own natural tooth color

Almost like real teeth with a transparent texture, the crown has multiple bright white or natural colors for you to choose from. Let your smile shine with confidence.

360° tooth customization

The brand-new and advanced all-round tracking technology scans your teeth in 360°, creating the most natural dental implant effect for you. The professional dental team conducts a comprehensive evaluation, modification, and confirmation to fit your ideal effect.

Dentist follow-up

The entire process is professionally examined by dentists who plan the most effective dental implant program for you. At the same time, every step is ensured to be safe and reliable, allowing you to complete the entire treatment with ease.


Using minimally invasive techniques, the impact of the treatment on the gums is minimized, allowing you to quickly return to normal life.

10-year caring warranty

The clinic provides a first-of-its-kind 10-year warranty service, allowing you to have no worries after completing the treatment.

9 Advantages

be@me Minimal-Invasion Dental Implant Conventional Dental Implant
Price Starting from $8,600 per tooth
No hidden fees
Starting from $18,000 per tooth
Opaque pricing over the phone
Material Pure titanium implant or titanium alloy Titanium alloy or ceramic
Options Choose the brand based on your budget
Korean Osstem: $9,800
Swiss ITI: $15,500
Swedish Nobel: $21,500
Forced to choose specified options
Unknown brand
Durability Lasts for over 20 years 5 years or more
Side effects No impact on other teeth Implants may deform or crack under pressure May cause inflammation
Pre-treatment consultation Teeth scanning and X-ray examination at the store
Comprehensive teeth cleaning before treatment
No pre-treatment consultation or care
Post-treatment maintenance 10-year warranty 1-year warranty
Consultation points Largest consultation chain in Hong Kong No consultation points
Branches/Stores Located in Shenzhen Luohu Jianingna Plaza
Occupying the entire floor with an area of over ten thousand square feet, supervised by an experienced Hong Kong team
Free shuttle service.
Unknown clinic on the upper floor
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Case Studies


What are the differences between different types of implant materials?

Pure titanium implants are highly compatible with human bone, and can heal with the jawbone in a short time without pain. This shortens the treatment time and reduces the likelihood of side effects. Titanium alloy can effectively enhance the hardness of the implant, making it more durable, and is also more affordable.

Do I need to have my teeth cleaned, ground, or extracted before getting implants?

Every individual's teeth are different. You can first complete a free 3D tooth scan at the Beame store to allow the Beame team to make an initial assessment.

Are there any side effects to getting implants?

Beame minimally invasive dental implants can effectively reduce the impact of dental implants on the oral cavity, avoiding the inflammation or swelling that may be caused by traditional implants.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay for the treatment with a credit card and choose to pay in 6-12 installments.

Is getting implants a lengthy or painful process?

The length of the implant surgery varies depending on the location and number of implants. Due to advancements in modern implant techniques, various implant methods have been developed. Traditional surgery typically takes at least half an hour to an hour to implant the implant, while the new minimally invasive dental implant can do it in about 30 minutes. Traditional implants usually require several visits to the clinic to complete, but now there is a one-day implant method that not only significantly shortens the total treatment time but also only requires two visits to complete.

The surgery process is carried out under anesthesia and is painless and minimally invasive. Short-term pain, swelling, and bleeding after the surgery are normal. When there is pain, you can take painkillers prescribed by a doctor to reduce the pain. For the bleeding part of the wound, you can use the gauze attached by the doctor to stop the bleeding by biting down on it and avoid frequent rinsing to avoid irritating the wound.

Finally, for swelling, you can use ice packs every 15 minutes and then rest for 20 minutes for the first one or two days after the surgery. After two days, you can switch to using heat

What are the differences between various implants?

Beame minimally invasive dental implants offer implant materials from different brands, including Korean Osstem, Swiss ITI, and Swedish Nobel. These three types of implants are made of pure titanium and are more compatible with human bone than other brands of titanium alloy implants. Bone cells can contact and deposit calcium on titanium, shortening the time for painless healing with the jawbone.

Korean Osstem is the first brand of implants in Asia and is popular in Greater China, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. The material is evenly matched in functionality, aesthetics, and biocompatibility, and is known for its high cost performance.

Swiss ITI uses grade 4 pure titanium and has a clinical record of more than 30 years of use, making it internationally recognized as an extremely stable and durable implant material. However, it also has a high requirement for the bone quality of the implant recipient, and its cost is relatively high.

Swedish Nobel uses proprietary biocompatible materials, and the mechanical properties of the implant material are similar to bone tissue, which can avoid excessive force concentration on the interface between the implant and bone tissue when under stress. When in contact with hard and fluid tissues, it also has good biocompatibility and has been in use for almost 40 years with good results. It is mainly recommended for customers who are undergoing multiple implants or half-mouth treatments, but its price is higher.

How long can implants last?

Many patients may wonder, since dental implant surgery is so expensive, how long can implants last? With the development of modern implant surgery, most patients can use their implants for 10 years or even more than 20 years if they maintain proper postoperative care. The world's first dental implant patient used it for more than 50 years.

Beame also offers a 10-year dental implant maintenance program, and you can always inquire at their Hong Kong or Shenzhen store if you have any questions.

In addition, Beame offers a variety of famous Korean, Swiss, and Swedish implant materials to choose from. With normal use, the durability of these implants can generally last for more than 20 years.

Will getting implants affect my eating?

Normal eating after surgery is not a problem, but it is generally recommended to maintain oral hygiene and avoid eating too hard foods during the first 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Since the oral cavity has not yet recovered after the surgery, food intake during the first two weeks after surgery is crucial. It is recommended to mainly consume liquid, soft, high-protein, or electrolyte-rich foods and avoid consuming hard or irritating foods. In addition, smoking should also be avoided temporarily to prevent the risk of further infection of the wound.

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