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Solve teeth problems at Beame x Shenzhen Medical Center

Loose teeth due to
gum recession
Accidental tooth loss
Tooth extraction due to
periodontal disease
Yellow teeth/stains
Cavities/pulp root infections
Swollen/inflamed gums
Wisdom teeth misalignment
Loose teeth

Beame x Shenzhen Medical Center

The largest professional dental brand with chains in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Managed by a professional team in Hong Kong.

Our dental treatment is supervised and designed by registered dentists in Hong Kong, using the most advanced technology to correct various dental problems. Our resident professional dentists provide personalized dental treatment services for each case, ensuring safety and reliability in every step. Our medical center is located just 10 minutes away from the Luohu Port, covering an area of 100,000 square feet, and supervised by a team of experienced Hong Kong professionals. We serve more than 100,000 patients every year and provide appointment and maintenance services.

One-stop dental services

Teeth correction
Minimally invasive dental implants
All-ceramic whitening veneers
Oral scanning
Teeth cleaning
Blue light whitening
Tooth filling
Pediatric dentistry
Considerate service, guaranteed confidence

Free dental implant consultation and scanning

Transparent fees, prices only 1/3 of Hong Kong's

10-year to lifetime maintenance

We provide special car pick-up services

*Applicable to designated services.

Be@me price list

BMB,HKD,Credit,Cards,e-Wallet accepted.

Type Item Price(CNY)
Teeth cleaning Supra-gingival ultrasonic scalin ¥180/Session
Airflow polishing ¥350/Session
Cavity filling Sedation filling ¥200/Tooth
Japan Fuji IX filling ¥200/Tooth
3M composite resin filling ¥300/Tooth
3M nano resin filling ¥500/Tooth
3M high-strength resin filling ¥700/Tooth
German precision resin filling ¥880/Tooth
Anterior aesthetic resin filling ¥1000/Tooth
Italian precision resin filling ¥1280/Tooth
Tooth extraction Loose tooth ¥400/Tooth
Removal of Residual Root ¥500/Tooth
Anterior tooth ¥400 - 800/Tooth
Premolar/Orthodontic Tooth ¥500 - 800/Tooth
Molar tooth ¥700 - ¥1000/Tooth
Maxillary wisdom tooth ¥800 - ¥1000/Tooth
Mandibular wisdom tooth ¥900 - ¥1300/Tooth
Impacted wisdom tooth ¥1200 - ¥1800/Session
Impacted embedded wisdom tooth ¥1500 - ¥2500/Tooth
Malpositioned embedded tooth ¥3000 - ¥4000/Tooth
Ultrasonic extraction Extra¥800/Tooth
Collagen Plug ¥800/Tooth
Scraping ¥500/Treatment
ESU(electrosurgical unit) Extra¥2000/Treatment
Growth Factor ¥1000 - ¥1500/Tooth
Root canal treatment Root canal treatment (anterior teeth) ¥1500/Tooth
Anterior molar ¥1700/Tooth
Molar tooth ¥1980/Tooth
Root canal retreatment Extra¥500/Tooth
Thermoplastic dental filling Extra¥500/Tooth
Incision and Drainage of Abscess ¥200/Session
Flap Surgery for Periodontal Pockets ¥1200/Tooth
Apicoectomy (Root-end Surgery) ¥3000/Session
Periodontal treatment Crown cleaning ¥180/Session
Temporomandibular joint adjustment ¥100/Session
Tooth desensitization ¥100/Tooth
Periodontal bacterial staining ¥100/Session
Paralleo gel (topical medication for periodontitis) ¥200/Session
Periodontal Specialist Examination Record Form ¥300/Session
Subgingival Ultrasonic Scaling + Hand Instrumentation ¥300/Tooth
Tooth Stabilization Procedure for Loose Teeth ¥500/Tooth
Periodontal Surgery ¥1000/Tooth
Mild Periodontal Treatment ¥4000 - ¥6000/Treatment
Moderate Periodontal Treatment ¥6000 - ¥8000/Treatment
Severe Periodontal Treatment ¥8000 - ¥12000/Treatment
Tungsten Core 3M Fiber Post ¥980/Tooth
Cobalt Chrome Post ¥980/Tooth
Gold Post ¥1500 - ¥2500/Tooth
Zirconia Post ¥2000/Tooth
Full-coverage invisible braces be@me Clear Aligner ¥14990/Treatment
be@me PRO Clear Aligner ¥24999/Treatment
be@me Advanced Clear Aligner ¥35000/Treatment
Orthodontic Treatment Domestic Metal Self-Ligating Brackets ¥23800/Unit
Fully Synchronized Metal Self-Ligating Brackets ¥25800/Unit
US ORMCO Metal Self-Ligating Brackets ¥25800/Unit
Pediatric Orthodontics Functional Orthodontic Appliance ¥9000 - ¥15000/Unit
I Love More® corrector ¥28000/Treatment
Auxiliary Tools Lingual Arch ¥1000/Stick
TPA / MARA / Expander / Hyrax Expander / etc ¥1000/Stick
Retainer Clear aligner retainer ¥2500/Unit
Lingual retainer ¥2500/Unit
Hawley retainer ¥2500/Unit
Teeth whitening Cold light whitening ¥1500/Session
¥3600/Treatment(3 Times)
Fixed dental crown and bridge Cobalt-chromium porcelain fused to metal crown ¥1500/Tooth
Domestic Ailu Chuang or Zirconia all-ceramic crown ¥2500/Tooth
German VITA all-ceramic crown ¥3800/Tooth
German Zircon all-ceramic crown ¥4800/Tooth
US 3M LAVA all-ceramic crown ¥6800/Tooth
NobelProcera All-Ceramic Crown ¥9800/Tooth
Removable Dentures Invisible Dentures ¥1000/Tooth
Standard Acrylic Denture [Small] ¥800/Unit
Standard Acrylic Denture [Large] ¥1500/Unit
Cast Cobalt Chrome Metal Framework Denture [Small] ¥1000/Unit
Cast Cobalt Chrome Metal Framework Denture [Large] ¥2000/Unit
Vita Perfect Frame Denture [Small] ¥3000/Unit
Vita Perfect Frame Denture [Large] ¥5000/Unit
Pure Titanium High-Affinity Lightweight Framework Denture [Small] ¥4000/Unit
Pure Titanium High-Affinity Lightweight Framework Denture [Large] ¥7000/Unit
Adhesive Dentures Comfort Edition ¥30000/Full Mouth
Adhesive Dentures Custom Edition (Same-Day Dentures) ¥38000/Full Mouth
Hard Resin Teeth ¥200/Tooth
Japanese Matsukaze Vizhen Teeth ¥350/Tooth
Individual Tray Fabrication ¥100/Unit
Denture Repair ¥200/Session
Minimally invasive dental implant Temporary Implant ¥1000/Tooth
Korean Osstem ¥8600/Tooth(With crown)
Swiss ITI ¥13800/Tooth(With crown)
Swiss ITI (Hydrophilic) ¥18800/Tooth(With crown)
Swedish Nobel ¥16800/Tooth(With crown)
Bone powder ¥1500/0.25 g
Bone powder ¥2000/0.5 g
Bone membrane ¥1500/Sheet
Alveolar Bone Grafting Procedure ¥500 - 1500/Sheet
Maxillary sinus lift ¥5000/Side
Full Fixed Immediate Hybrid Abutment ¥4000
Immediate Restoration ¥12800/Tooth
Malong Partial Restoration ¥80000
Locator ¥80000
Bar-Clip Style Partial Restoration ¥80000
Porcelain inlay/onlay E.MAX porcelain inlay/onlay ¥3500/Tooth
3M LAVA porcelain inlay/onlay ¥5000/Tooth
All-ceramic ultra-thin whitening veneers Extraction of Primary Teeth (Baby Teeth) ¥300/Tooth
European E.MAX porcelain veneers ¥3200/Tooth
¥225000/8 Teeth
¥49000/16 Teeth
MEGA porcelain veneers ¥4000/Tooth
¥31500/8 Teeth
¥61000/16 Teeth
German VITA amber porcelain veneers ¥5000/Tooth
¥39000/8 Teeth
¥77000/16 Teeth
Ultra-thin porcelain veneers Extra ¥1000/Tooth
Child Pit and Fissure Sealants (3 years and older) ¥300/Tooth
Fluoride Application (3 years and older) ¥800/4 Session
Others Bitewing X-ray ¥100/Session
Panoramic X-ray ¥150/Session
CT Scan ¥300/Session
Impression Taking ¥150/Session
Crown Removal ¥100/Tooth
Crown Cementation ¥300/Tooth
Night Guard ¥1000/Unit
Intraoral Scanning Examination ¥599/Session

"Please refer to the clinic for final pricing."