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With a local team of dental professionals
and top-notch equipment, medical
innovation and personal growth have never been easier.

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Our advantages

A local team of dental professionals

We have a local team of dental professionals and top-notch equipment. Licensed dentists will be involved in every step of the process to set realistic expectations and achieve desirable results.

3D dental models

5 Our 5 minute scanning process capture’s comprehensive data of your entire mouth.

AI AI-driven

On top of our licensed dentists reviewing your case, you’ll also get a customised treatment plan based on inferential data analysis derived from your personal assessment for extra measures.

Let your light shine bright

Ultimate Comfort

Made with the latest technology and materials, the aligners are able to correct dental positions with strength, flexibility and comfort.

Superior Durability

Throughout the treatment, the aligners will apply precise and continuous force to every single tooth. You can be sure to get the smile you want within the expected timeframe.

Tear Strength

With an overall rip resistance that is 30% higher than ordinary brace materials, be@me aligners promise enhanced durability and strength to wear and tear.

Stain Resistance

The innovative materials from Germany increase stain resistance by 30%. You won’t have to worry about staining be@me aligners.