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 Two be@meSonic Heads

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Feel the power and freshness from be@me`s intergalactic Sonic ToothBrush. The Sonic toothbrush will clear out the way for your day to day smiles.

Experience deeper cleaning capable of vibrating 48000 times/minute

Ultra Speed, Super Vibrations
The be@meSonic Vibrates at a maximum of 48,000 times a minute - a speed that passes that of your average electrical toothbrush by 14 times. With be@meSonic you can clean more safely and effectively instead of your traditional teeth scrubbing. Use the intergalactic powerhouse to get your teeth ready!

be@meSonic Toothbrush

Waterproof Resistance

be@meSonic was designed to be used in extremely wet conditions.
Don’t be afraid to use it even in the shower!

Doctor recommended

be@meSonic is highly recommended by HK orthodontists for its stability in oral care and teeth cleaning.

Designed for class

Our French designers built the beam sonic with a double-sided core, and seven-layer cover grip to maximize appeal and comfortability

Deep Cleaning

BeamSonic is a Patented Technology capable of vibrating 48000 timers per minute. A speed increase of 14 times compared to the normal toothpaste