Why choose Beame Clear Aligners?

Free in-clinic oral scan with dentist support, FDA registered technology, TÜV NORD certification, and lifetime guarantee. We offer a safer and comfier aligner choice for your beaming smile.

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Why Beame Teeth Straightening

Your Beaming Smile for Life

Upgrade to BeameCare to keep your newly straightened teeth in place, protecting your perfect smile investment. Consult our clinic experts for more details.

A Dentist Behind Every Smile

Every Beame treatment plan is approved by professional orthodontists and guided by clinic experts at your service.

Bright and Beaming

Go a few shades brighter with BeameBright Professional Dental Whitening Kit. To ensure a straight and bright smile, all Beame Clear Aligner treatments come with a FREE whitening kit.

Be You,
be the Light

With a local team of dental professionals
and top-notch equipment, medical
innovation and personal growth have never been easier.

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What Makes Beame Better

Ultimate Comfort

Made with the latest technology and materials, the aligners are able to correct dental positions with strength, flexibility and comfort.

Superior Durability

Throughout the treatment, the aligners will apply precise and continuous force to every single tooth. You can be sure to get the smile you want within the expected timeframe.

Tear Strength

With an overall rip resistance 30% higher than ordinary brace materials, Beame aligners promise enhanced durability and strength to wear and tear.

Stain Resistance

The innovative materials from Germany increase stain resistance by 40%. You won’t have to worry about staining Beame aligners.


certification from Germany

be@me invisible aligners use German-imported materials that have successfully passed international product safety tests recognized by interdisciplinary experts.

Teeh Straightening Journey


Book a free scan with expert advice at a clinic near you.


5-10 mins in-clinic scan with real-time AI simulation of your aligner result.


Orthodontists will review your scan and medical history to prescribe a treatment plan.


Collect your aligners in-clinic with expert guidance to start your journey.


Track your progress and start seeing results in as little as 60 days.


Lifetime guarantee. Upgrade your BeameCare for a lifetime protection.